Residential Wellness

The ultimate amenity! Build resident loyalty and increase community interaction. What better way to retain residents than offering a regularly scheduled group fitness class. Our trainers will work with your space and bring everything needed for a fun and engaging sweat session. Keep those residents happy, healthy and invested in your business.

We will work with you to create a regular training schedule for your residents. The classes will be available on our scheduling site where your residents can register and sign our waivers. Classes can seat up to 15 people. Need more seats? Contact us for additional pricing!

Services Offered:

  • One Month Membership: 1 one Hour Fitness Class Per Week for 4 Weeks: $300
  • One Month Membership: 2 one Hour Fitness Classes Per Week for 4 Weeks: $560
*Classes can seat up to 15 residents. Additional attendants can be added for $5.00 per seat.

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